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Above Everything Else

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Impressive CG work done by Alex Roman


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‘Frogspawn’ are self-experiments done in Eyebelieve.
First was wanted to try on the water drops material texturing
but after achieved ,i try to give some imagination on it.
so,thanks for viewing my blog and will posting some
experiment soon,feel free to give some comments ,thanks.
hv a nice weekend

The Making of the Black Beetle

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Here are some of my experiments
Dont let your imagination stuck on your head
Open up your c4d interface and just try it
Will update some new stuff soon .Stay tuned XD


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1% inspiration 99% perspiration
-check out this site for free download fonts Fontfabric


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Jenesis was my self experiment project .
With a short animation to show the transformation from a simple red dot to a logo .Here is a concept of red dot represented the foundation of design and build up the complexity to express the design form .

Credits : Direction/Animation/Sound Design
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    Hi, my name is Ming Cheng. I'm graduate as Multimedia Designer in 2011. This blog are created to share things that inspired me and some experiment i did.

    Please have a look at my Vimeo, Thanks.

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